Not-For-Profit Clients
  • Annual student participation study for Drum Corps International - 2000+ participants each year
  • Revamped by-laws for $12M arts oriented NPO
  • Created reorganization plan, including rewriting by-laws for $10M youth arts organization
  • Rewrote by-laws for regional symphony orchestra
  • Created new marketing strategy for $10M youth arts oriented NPO
  • Evaluation of business plans in the “e” philanthropy area for technology incubation firm
  • Creation of workflow process and software to manage fund-raising auctions


Danville Symphony Orchestra

bd Blue Devils Parents Association


Not For-Profit Clients

Marching Arts Studies on various issues, including governance, development, digital audio/video, AV rights management, marketing, etc.

For example, a large multi-client study with N=8000+, out of 60,000 invited. Looked at impressions of various marchings arts formats and idions and overlaps between clients and customers. Used as way to stimulate cros-idiom marketing.

For-Profit Clients


Industry leader in developing and marketing robotic duct sealing solutions that seal installed ducting from the inside out.

  • Audit of prospect identification
  • Development of data mining based mechanisms to mine prospect information
  • Identififcation of key contacts and development detailed (email, phone) contact information
  • Market research project on duct sealing. N=400+
  • Other prospect identificaiton profile information.
  • Development of Access-based for storing and analyzing prospects.


Harmonic Vision

Harmonic Vision is the world leader in providing computer-based music education software. The company's products are used in more than 8,000 school districts throughout the United States.

  • Revamp sales/marketing programs
  • Assisted company in returning to profitability
  • Developed and executed primary research programs for new products
  • Developed and executed direct marketing programs
  • Lead definition and development of new product, Music Ace Maestro
  • Lead definition and execution of major initiative aimed at piano teachers
  • Designed and executed effective emarketing programs including extensive email marketing
  • Revamped structure and composition of sales channel
  • Initiated sales channel newsletter
  • Created and executed strategy to introduce Music Ace to piano teachers.
  • Consummated private label agreement with Hal Leonard Publishing.
  • Created and publish enewsletter for piano teachers. Click to read an issue.

For more details on our work with Harmonic Vision, click here.



Microsoft is the world's largest software company.

  • Audit of internal market research on emerging markets (EM)
  • On-going research recommendations for emerging markets
  • Analysis and research recommendations based on existing body of Microsoft research
  • Analysis of AAU and image research in emerging marketing
  • Initiated work on product life cycle valuation techniques

For more details on our work with Microsoft, click here..

Rivermine Software

Rivermine Software is world leader in providing software-based enterprise telecommunications management solutions to network centric organizations.:

  • Executive level consulting
  • Strategic ideation
  • Positioning white papers
  • Creation of, and editorial and content creation of email newsletter
  • Conception of "Summit on Telecommunications Management"
  • Introduction of targeted direct marketing to 247 key prospects using blended email and traditional telemarketing and direct mail.

For more details on our work with Rivermine Software, click here.

WGI - Winter Guard International

Winter Guard International is the world leader in educating, organizing and evaluating competitive colorguard and percussion line performances.

In 2007 and 2008, we assisted WGI in profiling their customers and the units that participate in their competitions. This profiling including organizing and moderating focus groups and designing, executing and analyzing on-line surveys of their customers. We also made specific recommendations based on this research.

In 2012 and 2013, we worked with WGI to develop psyhcographice profiles of their performers and managers.


Drum Corps International

Drum Corps International is the world leader in producing and sanctioning touring, competitive youth marching music and related stadium events, featuring world-class performing arts athletes.

Starting in 2001, we lead an effort to reposition Drum Corps International and develop new messaging. Since then, gross revenues for the organization have nearly double from approximately $5,000,000 in 2001, to nearly $10,000,000 in 2006.

Specific activities we conducted, managed or advised on included:

  • Developed research programs to assess evolution of drum corps and
    DCI 's impact
  • Developed and executed major end customer research programs to test awareness and positioning issues
  • Drove new focus on strategic, brand-oriented marketing
  • Develop foundational material for major reorganization, including rewriting by-laws and developing new model for corps participation, membership, and compensation
  • Developed comprehensive market taxonomy
  • Drove redefinition of core products, services, and customers
  • Provided strategic and tactical level guidance for development of DCI.org
  • Created "instant" communications vehicle, DCI.now and provided hands-on editorial guidance and content creation for its first year
  • Chair DCI's marketing advisory committee

For more details on our work with Drum Corps International, click here.


Blue Kangaroo Books

Blue Kangaroo Books is an all children's bookstore, located in Danville, IL. The principals of vaticinate founded the bookstore, with responsibility for business plan creation, all marketing and promotional efforts, and all bookstore operations.

The store produced major events for the release of the Harry Potter books and visits by nationally known authors and artists. In August 2004, Blue Kangaroo Books was recognized by Publishers Weekly as one of the most innovative children's bookstores for its digital marketing efforts. The store was successfully sold in August 2005.


SAIC is largest government contractor. The company has developed a substantial body of technology that may have commercial applicability but because the company is focused on working with governmental agencies, commercialization of their technology has not been a priority. Most of these technologies were tied to computational electromagnetic simulation and space-based imaging.

Our mission was to identify prospective commercial customers for technology that SAIC developed as a component of classified government work. Most of these technologies were tied to computational electromagnetic simulation and space-based imaging.

Other Clients
  • Ziff Davis Publishing
  • SourceGear Software
  • RoundTable Media
  • Graham School of Business - University of Chicago

Some of the projects performed include:

  • Developed marketing/sales plan for a marketing services company
  • Conducted research and analysis of .Net as business opportunity for a software company
  • Lectured on Internet-based commerce for major university
  • Conducted research and analysis on positioning DSL offering from a CLEC as a consumer product
  • Creation of IPO FAQs
  • Development of IPO road show presentation
  • Created twice-monthly column for major on-line publication


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