Client : Rivermine Software



  • Company raised over $15M in venture funding
  • Sales exceed $10M in first year
  • Successfully redefined the market for enterprise telecommunications management technology
  • Gartner redefined ETM market based on Rivermine's success and has declared company the premiere provider

Objective : Help create initial strategic positioning for funding, market entry/creation, and customer identification and closing.

Product/Service : Rivermine develops sophisticated software used to manage telecommunication assets and services in network-centric organizations.

State of Market : Telecommunications management solutions have tended to be considered "invoice auditing" systems, where for a percentage, a third-party audits telecommunications invoices for accuracy and then recovers charges from carrier.

Rivermine was entering what appeared to be a mature and declining commodity market based on price.

Challenges :

  • Develop plausible strategic story to support venture funding process
  • Define a a value-based, sustainable position for Rivermine (something based not on price)
  • Redefine and recreate the telecommunications management market based on Rivermine's sophisticated software-based system.

Solution : Create position of telecommunications management solutions for network-centric organizations.

Key positioning points:

  • Software-based vs. service based
  • Network-centric organizations
  • Inventory-powered

Our Contributions:

Strategic level discussion facilitation and positioning and market creation ideation that lead to following concepts:

  • Telecommunications management gap
  • Telecom management in network-centric organizations
  • Four stages of telecom management

Creation of basic positioning statements and white papers

  • Ideation and execution of key communications initiatives
  • Industry analyst strategy
  • Creation and editing of monthly thought leadership newsletter
  • Use of email for efficient delivery and tracking of communications to prospects
  • Summit on telecommunications conception and management
  • Positioning and technology white papers and briefs

pdfEnterprise Telecommunications Managemen

pdfFour Phases of ETM

pdfMobile Telecommunications and the Enterprise




Strategic Ideation -
The Ugly Blue Bar
Strategic Ideation - Four Stages of ETM
df gv
Developed to show the architectural foundation of Rivermine's software, it was ugly, but seminal, and drove much of the thinking about what differentiated Rivermine from simple invoice-audit solutions.

Developed to illustrate the path that ETM was going to follow, the four stages has become a cornerstone of Rivermine's position. It provides a roadmap for customers and the company.

ETM Enewsletter

ETM Summit

Monthly thought-leadership newsletter developed for Rivermine Software.

Developed concept, provided editorial and content for initial six issues.

Used tracking email campaign for distribution.

Summit/conference on ETM 60+ key industry players

Our Contribution:

Conception of summit

Positioning of Summit

Marketing program

Management of content and presentations




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